BPP University | BPTC (2019-2020)


The University of Oxford | Jurisprudence BA with Senior Status (2017-2019)


Overall: 2.1, EU Law (70%), Administrative Law (70%), Tort Law (68%), Jurisprudence (67%), Constitutional Law (67%), Contract Law (66%), Trusts Law (65%), Criminal Law (66%) and Land Law (61%). I was awarded the Law Network prize for outstanding performance.


The University of Cambridge | Philosophy M.Phil. (2015-2017)


Overall: Pass. My 12,000-word thesis critically assessed the role, if any, that backwards-looking emotions should have in criminal punishment. I intermitted in Easter Term 2016 on medical grounds.


The University of Warwick | Philosophy, Politics and Economics BA (2012-2015)


Overall: 69.4%, 2.1 (1st year: 71.8%, 2nd year: 71% and 3rd Year: 67.8%) including 81% in both my 10,000-word dissertation entitled: ‘Unfinished business: How Socrates responds to Callicles in the Republic’ (second highest in the year) and my 5000-word extended essay entitled: ‘Is Locke’s account of personal identity threatened by Kant’s argument in the third paralogism?’ (third highest in the year).


Legal Work Experience


Litigant-in-Person (September 2019-March 2020)


I began proceedings against a catering company. Their solicitor (a senior partner) insisted I did not have a case and that he would secure a costs order against me but eventually I successfully negotiated a settlement. I filed and served the claim form, directions questionnaires and drafted witness statements for trial.


11KBW | Assessed Mini-pupil (February 2020)


This was a three-day assessed mini-pupillage. I completed a standardised assessed task concerning the definition of a judicial function for the purposes of paragraph 3, Schedule 18 of the Equality Act 2010. I also attended employment tribunal in an age-discrimination claim.


3 Verulam Buildings | Assessed Mini-pupil (January 2019)


I read a case concerning the removal of a director from his position. The case had an almost unbelievable set of facts, whereby the director had, unbeknownst to him, been removed as director by another director who subsequently asked him to resign four days later. I enjoyed reading the case and applying the Companies Act 2006 to the unusual facts.


Brick Court Chambers | Assessed Mini-pupil (December 2018)


Sitting with Jemima Stratford QC and Gerard Rothschild, I drafted an advice on the role of the public interest in deciding whether to grant an interim injunction in a pharmaceutical patent case and researched the circumstances in which foreign law would be applicable in British courts. I enjoyed assisting with cases across Brick Court’s three main practice areas.


Asserson Law Offices | Summer Vacation Intern (August 2018)


This was a two-week internship in Asserson’s offices in Tel Aviv. I drafted advice concerning the teaching of LGBT issues in faith schools, specifically concerning s.149 of the Equality Act 2010 and Article 9 of the ECHR. I was commended on my clarity and persuasiveness. I enjoyed aspects of the experience, specifically drafting the advice, but it confirmed my desire to pursue a career at the Bar.


South Square Chambers | Mini-pupil (July 2018)


I especially enjoyed a case concerning an innocent third party and their costs of complying with a court order. I researched the law of costs and when a firm of solicitors counts as a litigant in person. This offered an invaluable insight into the practical side of being a barrister and the sort of research it will be necessary to conduct as a pupil.


Landmark Chambers | Mini-pupil (June 2018)


I spent time discussing cases with Miriam Seitler and attending court. I was commended on my contractual interpretation and which I found a challenging but rewarding task. I especially enjoyed discussing the contractual aspect of leases and, specifically, the value (or otherwise) of assured shorthold tenancies.


Wolters Kluwer | Tax Researcher (June 2014-present)


I am responsible for maintaining and updating, on a monthly basis, the Worldwide Business Tax Guide and Worldwide Tax Rates and Answers file for Israel with relevant information for conducting business in Israel.


Advocacy Experience


OUP-ICCA National Mooting Competition (November 2018-May 2019)


I represented the University of Oxford and reached the semi-finals. I received top marks in the second and third rounds and have been described as a ‘powerful’ advocate and ‘a future Attorney General’!


Lay Representative | Mayor’s and City of London County Court (30th January 2019)


My client was a defendant in a summary judgment hearing concerning a debt owed. I was successful in securing an adjournment, having received my instructions the afternoon before. My client praised my calmness and I further developed client management and interpersonal skills, necessary for a career at the Bar.


Cuppers’ Mooting Competition | University of Oxford (November 2018-January 2019)


I represented St. Hilda’s College in Cuppers, reaching the quarterfinals. I especially enjoyed the administrative law moot, concerning bias in round two. I was commended on my oral advocacy, speaking style and the strength of my legal argument receiving the award for best speaker with a score of 93/100. We received full marks in rounds one and two.


Free Representation Unit (FRU) | Social Security and Employment (October 2018-present)


Mooting encouraged me to apply to FRU to develop my oral and written advocacy in a more practical setting. I initially attended a Social Security training day but on 13/10/2019 I attended an employment training day as well. I successfully represented an ESA claimant, ensuring her appeal was allowed and built up a strong relationship with my client. I look forward to taking on further cases and gaining more experience in both areas of law.


English-Speaking Union-Essex Court Chambers Mooting Competition (November 2017-March 2018)


I represented the University of Oxford, reaching the third round. I was repeatedly commended on my oral advocacy, receiving top marks in this category in each round.


7 King’s Bench Walk Moot 2018 | University of Oxford (January 2018)


The moot problem concerned MWB Business Exchange Centres Ltd v Rock Advertising Ltd [2016] EWCA Civ 553, [2017] QB 604. My oratory and legal argument were commended as I reached the semi-finals. I argued for overturning Foakes v Beer [1884] UKHL 1, which I submit the Supreme Court should have done, to clarify this area of law.  


Fledglings’ Moot | University of Cambridge (November 2015 and January 2016)


I particularly enjoyed the second-round moot, which concerned negligence liability for psychiatric injury. I argued that the criterion of ‘close ties of love and affection’ established in Alcock v Chief Constable of South Yorkshire [1992] 4 All ER 907 was unsuitably vague. I was commended on my legal understanding and the strength of my legal argument.


Burges Salmon Commercial Moot | University of Warwick (January 2015)


I enjoyed my first moot, learning how to draft a skeleton argument and building on the public speaking skills developed through debating. I was encouraged to apply for future moots, confirming my interest in a career at the Bar.


Awards, Scholarships and Publications



Other Skills and Interests


  • I speak fluent Hebrew and have achieved French level B1 on the Common European Framework of Reference.

  • I attended weekly salsa classes at Warwick, advancing from the beginner to the intermediate class in under a year.

  • I enjoy travelling and writing my travel blog: The Croissant Chronicles.

  • I blog about current affairs, mental health and philosophy at The Cous Cous Diaries.

  • I am a Manchester United season ticket holder and follow them home and away.

  • I am a keen rugby player, representing my school and Queens’ College, Cambridge.

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Thanks for visiting my site. My name is Raphael and I am currently attempting, against coronavirus and administrative incompetence, to complete the BPTC. Before that I was completing my Law degree at the University of Oxford and in ancient history, I was at the University of Cambridge completing an M.Phil. in Philosophy. My first degree was in PPE from the University of Warwick.

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