August 1, 2016

Truth be told, I have never been the biggest fan of the twitter hashtags or post-tragedy-flag overlays that seem to have a curious agenda. They seem to me to be lazy activism, a way for people to feel involved and as if they are making a difference without actually doi...

July 26, 2016

This post originally appeared at The Cous Cous Diaries

A month ago, Britain voted to leave the European Union and we have been arguing about what exactly this means ever since. No one seems to have a clue and the vast majority of those who were the face of the campaigns...

July 26, 2016

"You're going to Paris on your own?!" 

I paraphrase, but this was a frequent remark from the majority of people who knew I was going to Paris. They were all remarkably surprised that I was venturing to the world's most romantic city alone. Except my Mother who was just...

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Thanks for visiting my site. My name is Raphael and I am currently attempting, against coronavirus and administrative incompetence, to complete the BPTC. Before that I was completing my Law degree at the University of Oxford and in ancient history, I was at the University of Cambridge completing an M.Phil. in Philosophy. My first degree was in PPE from the University of Warwick.

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